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Super SoP Kart Racer 2: Revolutions Per Society is inspired by the original kart racer made for the arcade cabinet. With faster-paced controls and newer characters. The game revives the original game, was abandoned mid-jam, and then was revived again at the very end of the jam!

Pick your favorite Society of Play character & prop that we've strapped boosters to and zip around the city!


Designed for the Society of Play arcade cabinet! This means the controls are complete gibberish to you! But feel free to try it out! 

 Player 1

up: U arrow
down: D arrow
left: L arrow
right: R arrow
button1: Z
button2: X
button3: Space

Player 4

up: Y
down: N
left: V
right: U
button1: B
button2: E
button3: H

Player 2

up: R
down: F
left: D
right: G
button1: A
button2: S
button3: Q                 

Player 3

up: I
down: K
left: J
right: L
button1: [ (Open bracket)
button2: E] (Close bracket)
button3: Enter (Return, NOT Numpad)


Rival Character Controller
Quibli Shader
FlatKit Shader


I spent an extra 2 hours getting credits and pre-spawned pick up paths to sometimes spawn, OH AND FIXING PLAYER CONTROLS (Flowt <3)


SuperSoPKartRacer2RevolutionsPerSociety1.3NoUniversalQuit.zip 59 MB

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